How to engage with your Millennial Apprentices and Employees

In today’s digital world where you can order food from your phone and find your soul mate with a swipe, employers are now facing a new breed of employee. The Millennial genuinely wants to change the working world and they want to do it now.

We love our millennial apprentices and trainees, they love multitasking, have a thirst for knowledge, want to positively impact the workplace and they have their sights set on the top job, right from day one. At Add Staff, we make it our mission to understand the unique characteristics of each our apprentices. We understand that for the tech savvy millennial everything in life is easily accessible and instant, we support and guide them on their apprenticeship journey while our employers focus on building robust trade skills.

But how can you harness these sometimes high expectations of millennial apprentices and/or trainees so it benefits your business and their training? And more importantly, how can you keep them engaged, motivated and committed for up to 4 years to ensure they finish their apprenticeship and traineeship with you?

We’ve taken a quick look at some of the characteristics of millennials in the workforce to give you some ideas:

  1. Millennials are incredible multitaskers and generally excel with a full schedule of back to back activities. With all their energy millennials have no issue going to work, hitting the gym, heading out to dinner, and juggling all their other interests and activities at full speed, without needing a break. When focused and engaged, millennials work harder and smarter, so don’t be surprised if your apprentice can find a way to get a job done more efficiently or if they bring new ideas to the team.
  1. Their parents are very important to them and most millennials continue to seek guidance, especially in relation to their jobs, from their parents. Millennials thrive under mentorship, guidance and support because they see it as an important part of their career progression. Add Staff employs Apprenticeship Mentors to assist in building solid relationships between employers and apprentices and to support both parties through the whole apprenticeship. Open communication, feedback and positive reinforcement are essential for millennials.
  1. Millennials believe knowledge is the road to success, which means that millennial apprentices are avid learners and do very well with their combination of on-the-job and off the job training styles. They are always looking to build their skillset and this can be done in the workplace by making sure there are always opportunities for them to continuously learn new aspects of the trade, or by investing in additional training as a form of incentive or reward.
  1. Millennials are dopamine addicts. The brain includes several distinct dopamine pathways, one of which plays a major role in reward-motivated behaviour. What does this mean? Millennials thrive on direct conversations, structured feedback and praise for a job-well-done to keep them engaged in their roles.

If you can implement strategies to keep your apprentices engaged and inspired in their roles, they will be incredibly strong and loyal employees. Look at your millennial apprentices and trainees as the business asset they are.  Harness their thirst for knowledge, invest in their growth and be rewarded by their engagement!

Are you looking for a new apprentice for your workplace? Or perhaps you are an energetic, enthusiastic millennial looking for an apprenticeship or a traineeship? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us by phone on 1300 365 606 or by email at

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