About Us

At Add Staff we believe that building a strong workforce of industry talent is one of the keys to success for every business. We feel that all businesses can benefit from the expertise of professional recruiters.

Add Staff has developed an effective, innovative model to successfully deliver unbundled, flat fee recruitment services across blue collar industries. We offer customised packaged services and permanent staffing solutions.

Our services have been developed based on industry needs to assist companies when facing the challenges of sourcing industry talent. We offer industry experts, who understand the industry and bring a wealth of experience that your business can benefit from.

Our Purpose

At Add Staff we understand the staffing challenges experienced by businesses within trades industries.

Our goal is to provide current, market specific advice, ongoing support and effective workforce solutions.

We add value to industry by sharing our expertise, instilling confidence and relieving employers from internal recruitment pressures.

Our Capabilities and Services

By combining our extensive knowledge of recruitment best practices with our experience in trades industries we have developed a specialised suite of solutions to improve efficiency in your recruitment process.

Our Values

  • Positive Experience and Culture: Enjoyed by our Staff, Clients and Candidates
  • Commitment: Focused to ensure our actions result in successful outcomes
  • Dependable: A business that is accountable and relied upon
  • Forward Thinking: Innovative and tailored solutions
  • Proud: A transparent company that clients, candidates and staff are proud to represent