Master Electricians Mentoring is a joint initiative of Master Electricians Australia and Add Staff. This new partnership allows both teams to combine their industry expertise to develop an industry focused electrical apprentice recruitment and mentoring service. Employers now have access to apprenticeship services designed specifically by passionate industry experts to improve apprentice retention and completion rates across the electrotechnology industry.

The Master Electricians Mentoring program is available to both MEA members and non-members nationally.

For Employers

For Employers

Recruiting the right Apprentice for your Business

Our goal to increase apprentice completion rates and minimise the impact of apprentice cancellations is supported by a structured recruitment process for apprentices. The recruitment process is a critical element for determining apprenticeship suitability. Our shortlisted apprentices undertake aptitude and job suitability assessments combined with face to face interviews to ensure the apprentice is aware of the 4-year commitment required to successfully complete their apprenticeship. Let us do the hard work for you, by shortlisting three aspiring apprentices to meet the needs of your business.

Mentoring and Administrative Support

ME Mentoring supports employers and their indentured apprentices for the duration of their apprenticeship contract. This includes the businesses administrative processes, compliance documentation and mentoring your apprentice through their development toward becoming trade qualified. Our passionate mentors act as a liaison between your business, apprentice, AASN, college, eProfiling and other industry stakeholders.

Employers have access to three levels of service; outsource as little or as much of the process as is suitable for your business needs and budget.

Master Electricians Members have the added benefit of a monthly discount on their chosen mentoring package.

For Apprentices

Are you seeking a future in the following trades?

  Cable Jointers
  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics
  Mechanical Plumbers

If you are considering an apprenticeship within these trades contact us today, our team of specialists will provide you an insight to the industry and what the future of an apprenticeship means for you.

Choose Master Electricians Mentoring to begin your apprenticeship journey, with the knowledge you will have access to ongoing mentorship and support to become a highly skilled tradesperson.

I had spent a lot of time with different recruitment companies looking for a way into the trade I wanted. I didn't seem to get anywhere. Luckily I managed to stumble onto Add Staff and they have been fantastic. Number 1 in my books. Their team worked and worked on my behalf and have given me the opportunity to start a career I am proud of  

- Mathew Llewellyn, Apprentice, KME Services

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We believe that with our passion and combined expertise in this sector, the internal employment of apprentices can become a streamlined, cost effective and manageable process for employers, and contribute towards improving apprentice completion rates in this sector

For more information about Master Electricians Mentoring, please contact us by phone or via email, and one of our team will be in contact.


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