Add Staff has combined their knowledge of your industry to develop an effective, innovative model to successfully deliver a range of staffing solutions to assist employers across the electrical, telecommunications, security and HVACR industries.We offer customised recruitment packaged services, permanent staffing solutions, apprentice recruitment and mentoring services unlike any other.  

As a team of industry specialists, Add Staff can confidently provide clients with staffing services and have a database filled with industry talent.

Add Staff specialises in:

Blue Collar Candidates

  • Electrical, Solar, Telecommunications and Security Technicians
  • Installation, Fit Out, Commissioning, Service and Maintenance Specialists
  • Air Conditioning Technicians and Refrigeration Mechanics
  • Mechanical Plumbers, Welders, Boilermakers and Fabricators
  • Leading Hands, Site Supervisors and Foreman

White Collar Candidates

  • Office and Administrative Support Staff
  • Estimators
  • Project Managers
  • Office Managers
  • Service Coordinators
  • Contracts Administrators
  • Draft Persons and Designers
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable Clerks