Apprenticeships: When is it time to sign up your apprentice?

Apprenticeships: When is it time to sign up your apprentice?

So, you have gone through the recruitment process, secured an eager apprentice to join your team, but what are the next steps to both support that person in their career and protect your business interests?

Best practise is to immediately make a booking to sign your apprentice into their training contract, ideally this will be within the first two weeks of the apprentice’s employment.

There is sometimes a waiting period for these signups, so it is imperative that you call and make the appointment as soon as you retain the apprentice to work with you.

There are a few reasons to drive this, firstly, if you do not complete this step, it may affect when your business receives the government financial incentives associated with that apprentice, delays in signing up equate to payment delays.

Secondly, an immediate initial sign-up ensures that your apprentice has the best opportunity to keep the momentum going with their e-profiling, off the job training and Tafe/ College/ Registered Training Organisation commitments.

Most businesses have a 90-day probation period, this is still enforceable once your apprentice is signed into their training contract. In turn, business owners can rest assured that they have that option while they are still getting to know their apprentice and whether that apprentice is a good fit for their business.

If you have any further questions about recruiting an apprentice, the financial support available or the apprenticeship process, please email info@addstaff.com.au or call 1300365606.

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