Add Staff’s Guide to Managing the Risk of Heat Exposure in the Workplace

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Add Staff’s Guide to Managing the Risk of Heat Exposure in the Workplace

Whilst working in the heat in an Australian summer is often inevitable and unavoidable, there are a few precautions you can take as both an employer and an employee to mitigate the risk and reduce exposure to heat and sun hazards.

Reducing Risk in the Workplace

Safe Work Australia gives the following advice in relation to managing the workplace related risks to employee health when working in heat:

  • Working indoors (where reasonably possible)
  • Postponing work or scheduling it for cooler parts of the day (where reasonably possible)
  • Using automated or remote-controlled equipment instead of manual labour
  • Providing access to shelter
  • Encouraging workers to drink water regularly
  • Cooling the work area with fans or misters
  • Scheduling frequent rests, and
  • Providing personal protective equipment (i.e. sun protective clothing, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen)

Self-Management of Risk

If you are required to work in an environment where there is exposure to heat and/or direct sun, there are a few things you can do to self-manage the risk to ensure the safety of both yourself and your colleagues:

  • Stay Hydrated⁠
  • Schedule breaks in a cool place (where possible)
  • Do not work alone and monitor your conditions⁠ and those of your colleagues
  • Wear appropriate PPE and sun lotion ⁠

Taking these small steps help ensure yours and your colleagues’ health whilst working through the warmer seasons. If you would like to read the full guidelines on working in the heat, please click here to read the Safe Work Australia Guide for managing the risks of working in the heat.

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