2021 Recruitment Trends

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2021 Recruitment Trends

We’re now a month into 2021 and after a tumultuous 2020, a few employment and recruitment trends have already emerged.

Drawn from a survey conducted by LinkedIn on both employers and professionals in late 2020, some of these trends were clearly influenced by the pandemic.

Here are some of the key recruitment developments that the Add Staff team found interesting:

  1. Psychometric Tests

With cultural match to your team being such an important aspect of recruiting, it is not surprising that a lot of employers are electing to do psychometric testing on new candidates to help assure a good match with their current team.

Psychometric Tests are a great tool for managers to use to help understand what drives their employees and structure work to ensure a happy, harmonious, and efficient workplace.

The Add Staff Group offer psychometric assessments and behaviour profiling with our recruitment packages. Contact us here to find out more.

2. Tight Employment Market

Recruiters are experiencing a lean candidate pool, especially with regards to specialist and trades sectors. With unemployment rates peaking due to the pandemic, when facing an uncertain employment market, candidates are opting to stay with trusted employers.

In this tighter market, employers are now changing recruitment tactics to acknowledge the transferrable skills a candidate may hold and upskilling where necessary.

3. Diversity in the Workplace

In a survey of business owners conducted by LinkedIn, 77% of employers and industry professionals stated that diversity is very important in the future of employment in their organisations.

This acknowledgement of the important part diversity plays in the workplace comes as exciting news for both employers and employees.

4. Virtual Interviews

Throughout the COVID19 pandemic, we saw the rise in Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other online communication platforms for online business and recruitment activities.

Video interviews are a great way to efficiently undertake interviews, without concerns for health or travel issues.

This trend was already gaining momentum, but was accelerated by the COVID19 pandemic, with most employers and candidates preferring an initial video interview to the traditional in-person alternative. Add Staff have virtual end to end recruitment facilities available, where we can undertake the entire recruitment process without having any face-to-face contact undertaken as required.

5. Flexible Working Conditions – A Key Motivator for Employees!

Prospective candidates are seeking employers who offer flexible working conditions along with the opportunity to work from home.

This trend was accelerated by the strict lockdown of 2020, where employees started working remotely and enjoying the benefits of a reduced commute to the workplace. Employers who are transparent about these offerings are more likely to attract a larger candidate pool.

A great advantage of working remotely is that with geographical location not being a factor, further talent pools can be opened.

Survey Referenced: https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/blog/future-of-recruiting/2020/future-of-recruiting

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