Tips to Undertake Before Commencing Recruitment Activities

Tips to Undertake Before Commencing Recruitment Activities

It is a common misconception that renumeration is the only thing a company can offer to attract quality candidates and whilst this is a factor, there are other factors that candidates consider before deciding to undertake a contract with an employer.

Recruiting can also prove be a time and cost inducing experience, please consider the following practical tips to ensure your business has the best opportunity of attracting a great new addition to the team:

1. Present Well Digitally

Ensure your social media and website attractively represents your business. For candidates that have not heard of you, they will be leaning on these avenues to learn more about your business.

2. Advertise Points of Difference and Job Perks

To separate yourself from your competitors, outline any employee incentives included in the role, examples of these include:

  • Flexible working arrangements (e.g. RDOs, nine day fortnight, working from home)
  • Opportunities for career progression
  • Upcoming Projects
  • Work related social events
  • Employer funded training. With all the Government funding available to businesses for training, this is also a great incentive to upskill your team

3. Company Values

Ensure you are clear on your Company Values to make certain you attract candidates with attributes that align with the business and the rest of the team.

4. Position Description

Take a few moments to outline the tasks associated with the role along with the skills and education necessary to complete those tasks. This will give you clarity when screening resumes and you will also be able to offer transparency to candidates about what the role entails.

If you are interested in hearing more about Add Staff’s recruitment process, the government grants available for upskilling or would like a copy of our Position Description Template, please call 1300 365 606 or email nadia@addstaff.com.au for more information

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