5 Changes to the career market place

5 Changes to the Career Market Place

5 Changes to the career market place

Over the past 12 months, the Add Staff Recruitment team has felt a considerable shift in the recruitment space, candidate behaviour and the demand increase for skilled candidates across the industry.

Whilst navigating the new recruitment plane can be tricky, we have summarised below the key changes we have identified and how your business can adjust to prepare yourself when undertaking recruitment activities in the current market.

Lean Candidate Market

There are multiple factors which have contributed to the skilled candidate market becoming more competitive.

One of those being the increased demand for tradespersons across the country, reflected in the advertising statistics released from SEEK, with job ads for Trades & Services roles recording strong growth across most states since January, compared to their low point last year.

  • Job ads for Electricians, grew rapidly in Queensland (59%) and South Australia (14%) and Western Australia (100%),
  • Victoria recorded a lift for Carpenters (80%).

The Market is Moving Quickly 

Have you interviewed a candidate that suits your business needs and is a great fit for your team? We recommend start taking steps to secure their employment in your business immediately.
If you do not make a formal offer of employment, your candidate may get snapped up by a competitor, as they may be interviewing with multiple companies in search of their next role.    

New Staff May Require Training

Consider how you can invest in training and upskilling a new employee. For example, if you find a great candidate that is a positive cultural fit for your team with a good attitude and work ethic, but might require further training, additional tickets or licenses to fit the technical aspects of your role, we recommend considering how you can provide this candidate additional training and support, rather than going back to market.  

Understand the Current Market Demand for Remuneration

Whilst wages are not everything, going in with an offer below the current industry standard is one way to quickly disengage a candidate.
Following the demand in some industries, there has been an increase in remuneration packages on offer and being aware of the industry standard will help attract quality candidates to your role.

This not only includes hourly rate increases, candidates may be interested in training opportunities, career development, flexibility of hours and work from home options.  
Our recruiters can assist with providing insight to current industry expectations.  

Forward Plan for a Changing Market

Following on from the above, be prepared that the market is everchanging, provide yourself the time to adapt, forward plan and negotiate suitable employment packages for the candidate and the business.
If you would like to learn more about our permanent, contract and apprenticeship recruitment solutions, please contact us on 1300 365 606 or email info@addstaff.com.au.

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