CSQ Funded Apprentice Mentoring Program

CSQ Funded Apprentice Mentoring Program

Add Staff Apprenticeships is pleased to announce we are continuing our partnership with Construction Skills Queensland for a second year of our Funded Apprenticeship Mentoring Program.

From 1st October 2022, we have 50 new subsidised positions available for first year apprentices in the Building and Construction Industry. 

This is an exciting opportunity for you and your apprentice to receive tailored support as you invest in the future of your business and the industry. Our mentors work closely with apprentices and employers for the duration of the apprenticeship journey.

We are offering subsidised Apprenticeship Mentoring in various trades, including the following:
+ Carpentry

+ Electrical

+ Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

+ Plumbing
+ Civil Construction

+ Bricklaying

+ Painting

+ Plastering + More

The purpose of our Apprentice Mentoring program is two-fold:
+ To support apprentice retention and completion rates  in construction industry trades; and
+ Gather valuable data and industry insight into the strategies that best support employers and apprentices during the apprenticeship journey.

Thank you to our partners Constructions Skills Queensland for funding this important program to support the QLD Building and Construction Industry.

For more information contact Nadia on 1300 365 606 or email nadia@addstaff.com.au

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