7 Steps To Ensure You Accurately Price for Profit Into 2023

7 Steps To Ensure You Accurately Price for Profit Into 2023

In conjunction with PROTRADE United, Add Staff is offering business owners the opportunity to benefit from valuable business information.

Let’s face facts. Business expenses from materials and labour, through to overheads and running costs are at a record high. Together with a slowdown/correction from the biggest ‘non-profit’ construction boom of all time, some businesses, unfortunately, will fail if they don’t take action. The reality is that many are currently ‘winging’ their pricing with zero clarity on what they need to be charging to be consistently profitable. Now, more than ever, it is essential to align your pricing accordingly to stay profitable heading into 2023 and beyond. 

If you take pride in the work you produce, believe you are delivering value with your expertise, then what you charge needs to be reflective of this.
During this online training session, you will learn:
The 3 biggest mistakes businesses are currently making with their pricing
How the cost to employ people has skyrocketed and what you need to be aware of
How to work backwards from your profit target to ensure you are charging enough for your work
How your pricing can position your business, build your brand, and attract ideal jobs/projects
How to confidently manage conversations with clients around raising your prices.

Join PROTRADE United CEO Jon Mailer, a nationally recognised source when it comes to managing your business and your life through uncertain times.


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