In partnership with the Queensland Government and Master Electricians Australia, Add Staff are proud to deliver the Advancing Apprenticeships program.

Under this program, we passionately promote the benefits of apprenticeships in the electrical and mechanical services industries.

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The Add Staff Apprenticeships Experience

Our goal to increase apprentice completion rates and minimise the impact of apprentice cancellations is supported by a structured recruitment and mentoring services for the employers of apprentices and their apprentices.

The Add Staff Apprenticeships recruitment process is a critical element for determining candidate suitability, incorporating aptitude and job suitability assessments combined with face to face interviews to ensure the apprentice is aware of the 4-year commitment required to successfully complete their apprenticeship.

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Our Services


Our apprenticeship recruitment services are developed specifically for the trades and services industries, ensuring your business gets the best talent for your role and include:

Reference checks, identification verification and apprenticeship eligibility criteria evaluation.


Our passionate mentors provide a liaison between your business, the apprentice and all other industry and government stakeholders.

ME Mentoring Apprenticeships provides support to employers and their indentured apprentices for the duration of their apprenticeship contract. This includes:

mentoring your apprentice through their development toward becoming trade qualified

Other Services

If you already have an apprentice or trainee in mind to hire, Add Staff Apprenticeships have the capacity check trade suitability and range of work to fulfil the apprenticeship requirements:

What The Industry Says about Employing an Apprentice

Government Grants and Incentives

Both the State and Federal Government have grants available to apprentices and the employers of apprentices.

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Me Mentoring

Master Electricians’ Mentoring is a joint initiative of Master Electricians Australia and Add Staff Apprenticeships.

This partnership allows both teams to combine their expertise to develop an industry focused apprentice mentoring service.

ME Mentoring is available to both Master Electricians members and non-members nationally.

Master Electricians Members have the added benefit of a discount on their chosen mentoring package.

Enquire today for more information on how this service can provide assistance to your business.

Advantage of Employing Apprentices

Apprentices bring an enthusiasm to learn and a fresh new perspective into the workplace!

Taking time to invest in your future workforce promotes a positive workplace culture and loyalty from your employees.

There are numerous benefits when employing in an apprentice, including:



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